Diamond Bay Original Oil Painting

Diamond Bay Original Oil Painting

Diamond Bay! I sometimes source images from photographers. When I first came across an image of this magnificent place at Vaucluse, Sydney, I thought the photographer had digitally mocked up a photo and it had been named, Raiders of the Lost Arc. But low and behold, it does exist. A few weeks ago, I woke up to read one of our newspapers, which ran an article of how tourists are taking risk getting that perfect selfie.

You can see an article on Australian News Station Here.

If you are on Instagram there are currently at least 24,000 photos on #diamondbay

This painting is one of the few done in portrait, but as you can see, I don’t think you could do Diamond Bay justice in landscape. I wish now, I had picked a much larger canvas.

At the moment I haven’t been able to photograph the painting at a good quality.

Diamond Bay is oil paint on stretched canvas and is 60x50cm. It will be drying for the next six weeks and be available for sale around 15th June 2019

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