Landscapes Art Special Recognition

Landscape Art Special Recognition

Landscapes Art 2019 Art Exhibition held by LightSpaceTime is currently displaying the winners, merit award winners, and painting which received Special Recognition for the 9th Annual “Landscapes” Online Art Exhibition.

Seduction Cove, an oil painting I painted in April, received Special Recognition. Entries were judged in May and announced 1st June 2019.

The gallery received and judged 572 entries from 22 different countries and from 31 different states in the United States.

You can view Seduction Cove on SeascapePaintings. It is currently unavailable due to an upcoming event, ‘Love Me By Tender’ Art Auction, which will be held at Inverell Art Gallery between 8th and 19th July 2019.

In the meantime, consider adding it to your wishlist page on SeascapePaintings, if it is passed over at the action it will become available on this site again

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