Limited Edition Prints by Sharon Robards

Limited Edition Prints by Sharon Robards

The Limited Edition Prints I sell don’t come framed. Like oil paintings, prints need great care. I recommend framing the prints as soon as possible. Framing assists in protecting against damage, the elements, and grubby hands. If possible, only allow a qualified framer to handle your print, though I’m sure you will want to take a peek at your new artwork. If you do, wear cotton gloves.

Cheap reproductions, like mass made posters, won’t retain colour for decades. If cared for, Limited Edition prints can outlive cheaper alternatives at by a 100 years or more.

Pints make great presents for art collectors and people looking for special gifts.

Making the Prints

Hahnemühle fine art papers and high quality pigment inks ensure museum grade Limited Edition Prints. Quality materials result in the original painting’s vivid, pure colour, reproduced in exceptional detail in print form. The printing and art industry also regard Giclée printing as one of the most stable colour printing process available today.

Hahnemühle, a German company, have produced paper since 1584 and is clearly a trusted fine art paper manufacturer.

Here is a link to Hahnemühle

A Certified Hahnemühle Printing Company produces my art prints. The paper selected is high quality Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm and the highest standard archival inks.

Wilhelm Imaging Research is an authority on archival and preservation for the photographic, digital, and printing industry. They conduct research on the stability and preservation of traditional and digital colour photographs as well as motion pictures.

You can read Wilhelm Imaging Research performance ratings specifically related to Hahnemühle Fine Art papers and pigmented inks independently tested for longevity using stardardize processes pdf at  Hahnemühle and the papers and inks here.

Further research data, and reading about inkjet machines, papers, and ink performance, is available on their web at 

I currently live in outback NSW, and no local printing company is able to produce fine art reproductions. That doesn’t mean I’m not directly involved. I produce all images and forward the images to a Sydney company who produce the print. After the printer makes each reproduction, the company forwards me the print. I then check colour quality and ensure the print matches the original painting, before hand numbering, adding the title, signing and dating the print and then I send the print to the collector.

Edition Size and Numbering

Each Edition contains a selected quantity, which can not change after I decide the Edition’s quantity. I choose the Edition number when a collector purchases the print and payment clears through PayPal. I also sell prints on other online networks, and it’s possible the quantity available on checkout is lower than the inventory level shown on any network I sell on.

Sometimes buyers have the perception that the lower the print edition number, example, 1/100, the higher the print value. It doesn’t matter if you buy a Limited Edition print when an edition starts selling or purchase the last print in the edition. Each print in the Edition has the same value.


A high cost is associated in producing quality prints, and the reproduction prints’ sale prices vary. Generally, the prints sale price is around a third of the original painting’s sale price – excluding shipping. Sometimes, this isn’t possible and the print’s priced higher than the original painting. Each Edition, as the reproductions sell, the price might increase. 


Limited Edition Prints normally ship between 5 and 10 business days.

Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all sold and shipped prints.

You can see examples of the Certificate of Authenticity here.

You can view available Limited Edition Art Prints here.