Loch Ard

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I was researching story ideas when I came across the story of a cargo ship, Loch Ard, the namesake of this location in Victoria on the Great Ocean Road. In 1878, the captain, after nearing the end of their three month voyage from England to Melbourne noticed too late the ship was on a collision course with a rock. The ship ran aground on a shallow reef near Mutton Bird Island. 52 passengers and crew perished in the cold waters including the captain and one of the survivors lost five family members including their parents.Only two survivors made it shore: Tom Pearce, a 18 year old apprentice crew member, the other, Ms Evaline Carmichael, a 18-year old Irishwoman who was on a trip to Melbourne with her family.After Tom made it to shore, he heard the cries of Evaline who had been clinging to life bobbing in the water. Tom returned to the water and brought a now unconscious Evaline to shore. Tom was hailed a hero and the story spread around the world.It had all the makings of a great story of tragedy, survival, and romance. But Evaline returned to England three months later and married.The story left me with a poignant reminder of the strength of human nature and the fragility of life.Today, Loch Ard is a famous tourist location and two pillars named after Tom and Evaline stand near Loch Ard Gorge.

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.


60cm (W) x 50cm (H) x 2cm (D)


Oil paint on stretched canvas


The item is shipped via courier through Pack And Send and includes insurance.

This item only ships in Australia


If for some reason you are unhappy with your painting, please contact me within 7 days of receiving item. If returning the item, it must be returned in its original condition within 30 days of delivery.

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