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Award Winning Seascapes
Award Winning Artist for “Seduction Cove“. Landscapes 2019 Art Exhibition.

Thanks for visiting Seascape Paintings. I’m an Australian artist. Sharon Lee Robards. I’ve been extremely productive producing seascapes and other paintings the past year. On this site you can find original paintings, prints, and products featuring some of those paintings.

That doesn’t mean I’ve neglected quality, only that I’ve been fortunate to be able to paint most days.

Some of the paintings are currently on this site, which provides collectors of all price levels an opportunity to experience the artwork in various ways.

This site is a work in progress, and if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or just want to say hello, you can contact me by on this form.

All original paintings and Limited Edition Prints include a Certificate of Authenticity. You can see an example of the certificates here.

Award Winning Artist for “Somewhere Illarawa“. All Women 2019 Art Exhibition.

Seascape Paintings Limited Editions

Some products on this site are limited in the quantity that will be sold featuring a particular artwork. This means, a purchaser can be assured that the product they brought featuring a particular painting isn’t in the hands of hundreds of people. Most Limited Editions are limited to a hundred, some less.

You can see products currently offered by clicking here.

Where to find me

I haven’t been there long, but you can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

I also have some original seascape and other paintings available worldwide on Australia’s largest online Art Gallery at Bluethumb provides a fully risk free way to purchase my paintings by offering.

  • Fully insured & free delivery within Australia.
  • 7 day free returns & complete buyer protection.

Online galleries also charge a hefty commission. Only here, will you find some paintings discounted by various amounts. You can see those paintings by clicking here.

Returns from this site

There is a full Shipping & Return Policy here, but buying art is a very personal thing. If you really hate the piece of art you purchase from myself such as an oil paintings or Limited Edition Print, contact me within a few days of receiving the artwork. You can then send it back to me, and I’ll provide a full refund, excluding shipping costs.

For other items take a look at the
Shipping & Return Policy

About me

Below is some information about me and the artwork I create.

I have always had a great interest in the arts of all forms. But one of my proudest moments has always been when, at nine years old, I won a colouring competition for Book Week. That year my grandmother brought me many coloured pencils and also a typewriter. I also wanted to be a writer. From around that time my goal in life was to one day move to a beautiful place and paint and write. I have always thought the process to complete either type of work is very similar. Some how, both a writer and artist must convey what is in their imagination or from a physical image to a completed story on paper.

For many years, I wrote and painted while earning income away from the arts. I eventually moved to that beautiful place, being Port Stephens, on the east coat of Australia. I spent the next fifteen years focusing on my writing. After a move to Inverell, away from that beautiful place, I struggled to find inspiration to write. I found the landscape and the climate in my new location so different and at first a little disheartening. While looking for inspiration and contentment in my new location, I found beauty around me — in the sun rising and setting, in the landscape, period houses, and plain country hospitality, which led me back to painting.

My Main Interest in Art

The process of visually transforming what the eye sees and transferring it to an image on canvas fascinates me. I am drawn to almost any subject, but lean toward sea and landscapes and subjects that represent the past. I have a great interest in Abstract, Impressionism, and Fauvisim movements and often aim to emulate the (sometimes) surreal and beautiful Australian landscape – places in my heart, using a mixture of techniques.

It doesn’t really matter where the scene is set in many of my paintings. Imagination sees where it is. I intend for viewers to remember a place, an experience, whether real or a fantasy.

They say life is a journey. I hope through my art that journey can be shared.