Shoreline Oil Painting

On the Shoreline by Sharon Lee Robards

Shoreline Oil Painting title, On the Shoreline.

This is one of the smaller Somewhere Paintings you can view on this site

I really loved the blue hues and yellows used in my recent landscape painting you can view on SeascapePaintings called Seduction Cove.

At 40.6×30.5x1cm (16″x12″) this painting on stretched canvas is a bit smaller than the other paintings from the Somewhere Series of seascapes

On the Shoreline will be available for sale on the 29th July 2019.

When On the Shoreline it is added to the collection on this site, you can add it your wishlist on this site or preorder it at anytime at least 5 days before 29th July to have it shipped the next business day.

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